C-Programmer - an overview

Welcome to the C-Programmer website, the home of a group of extremely experienced freelance C programmers, all of whom have been writing C programs for well over twenty years.

We undertake C/Linux development projects of any description, primarily for software houses and equipment manufacturers but also for end-users.

If you have a short-term lack of resources, have no long-term need for such esoteric skills, have a complex project stalled for want of arcane knowledge, or are faced with an apparently insoluble programming problem then come to us.

No task is too small and no task is too large: we have provided C/Linux solutions ranging from a few hundred lines of code to scores of thousands.

While most of our previous projects have involved low-level systems software - we have developed device drivers for exotic devices, specialised e-mail variants, compilers for special-purpose languages and communications packages - we have also developed fast-response applications packages, as well as customising standard application packages via carefully crafted extensions, and interfacing to legacy systems.

We pride ourselves on being a centre of excellence for C software development, delivering well-structured, resilient, rigorously tested and thoroughly documented programs written to exacting standards.

We are based in Farnham, Surrey, but with team members scattered around the globe. Thanks to the wonder of the Web, we develop for, and support, customers worldwide. We have developed C programs for clients as far afield as San Francisco, Washington, Perth, Sydney, Brussels, Lagos and Norwich.